Dua and Wazifa To Make Enemy Sick And Death Of Enemy

Dua and Wazifa To Make Enemy Sick

Dua and Wazifa To Make Enemy SickWe all have enemies in our life and we want to protect our families from them. Wazifa is the best possible solution for every problem. Some people believe in wazifa and some people do not believe in it. But the reality is that wazifa is really effective in solving any kind of problem such as financial problem or marriage problem. Therefore if you want to get rid of your enemies then you can take help of wazifa.

In Islam there is a solution for any kind of problem. If you have lots of enemies and you think they might harm you. Then you must perform a wazifa recommended by an astrologer to get rid of them before they try to harm you and your family. If you want to hurt or curse your enemy you can take the help of wazifa for doing it. If you person want to make your enemy sick then you can perform wazifa to make enemy sick.

Wazifa For Death of Enemy

Similarly there is a wazifa for death of enemy. But this wazifa is very powerful so before performing this wazifa for death of enemy a person should take help from an Islamic Professional. Everyone wants to save their family from enemies, because they know that their enemy will try to hurt their family. Your enemy also knows that by hurting your family he can provide more pain to you. Everyone loves their family and if anyone would hurt your family it will be very painful for you. A person can bear any pain but if anyone will hurt his family that makes him weak and he gets worried for his family.

That is why every person wants to save his family from his enemy. For this a person can recite dua for death of enemy. This dua for death of enemy is very effective. So this dua should be performed by a person under the guidance of molvi ji.

Wazifa For Death of Enemy

 How to perform this wazifa to make enemy sick-

  • This wazifa can be performed by a person anytime he wants.
  • Firstly the person should make wuzu.
  • Then after that person should read Durood Shareef 8 times.
  • After that he should recite two rakat nafil namaz.
  • In the first rakat he should recite surah alam nashrah after reciting surah fateha.
  • And in second rakat he should read surah al fil just after reciting surah fateha.
  • But while reading this nafil namaz the person should imagine his enemy’s face in his mind.
  • And after completing namaz the person should make dua to Allah SWT for making his enemy sick.
  • Because without Allah SWT will nothing is possible.
  • Insha Allah your wish of making your enemy sick will be fulfilled.
  • The person should perform this wazifa for 30 days.


Sometimes people try everything to take revenge from their enemies. But they are not able to do so. Every person wants to save their kids and family from their enemies. If they will not do so there is a possibility that their enemy can cause seriously harm them. So for this you can take the help of wazifa to make enemy sick. By performing this wazifa a person will be able to make his enemy sick and thus he can save his family from his enemy. For further any assistance you can contact us.

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